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SEO Report Description Pricing
Technical SEO AuditThe technical SEO audit is the standard document that we provide all our clients. The audit looks into specifics such as site indexing, link architecture, SEO best practice,, and other factors$300.00
Google Panda AuditThe Google Panda audit looks at specific factors that were affected by the algorithmic change. Factors such as user metrics, website indexing, quality of external links, duplicate content, and advertising prominence are all taken into consideration.$300.00
Google Penguin AuditThe Google Penguin Audit takes a fresh perspective at your client’s compatibility with this specific algorithm update. This audit looks as factors such as duplicate content, link scheme participation, keyword stuffing, cloaking, and unnatural link building.$250.00
Google Algorithm ChecklistThere are specific questions related to your website that you need to answer to maintain a healthy Google ranking. This audit is a simple document that highlights your score for multiple key factors in Google’s algorithm and provides an action plan to implement.$150.00
External Links AuditThis is an audit that specifically analyses your website’s external link profile. The emphasis on this report is to highlight any problems or dangers to your existing link portfolio and provide solutions or an action plan for the future. Custom Pricing
(depends on number of external links)
Competitor Keyword AnalysisThis audit provides a look at how our clients compare to their competitors in relation to keyword rankings. This process includes providing a comparative analysis of all your competitors domains and how you benchmark against them in relation to keyword rankings.$150.00
Competitor External Links ComparisonThis document will look at a comparative analysis and benchmark our clients external link profile against that of their competitors. This will include quality of external links, anchor text variation, and quantity of external links among other factors. The audit provides recommendations for external links, based on practices implemented by your competitors.$250.00
Competitor Link AnalysisWhere our competitors get their external links is an effective technique into looking at how we can deliver results for our clients. This project looks at our competitor’s external links, and offers solutions or specific strategies based on the information.$150.00
On-Page ComparisonsThis project will identify what on-page SEO factors are being utilised by your competitors, which one’s are successful and what actions you can complete to improve your search rankings. $250.00
Competitors Content StrategyThis project will look at your competitor’s content strategy. Can we learn from what they are doing, and offer any recommendations? Our team will find out all content on your competitors websites by running a website crawl, we’ll match up each URL with the keywords ranked and external links gained to determine the most profitable SEO URL’s within your industry sector.$300.00
Overall Competitor Marketing ReportThis document aims to highlight a complete digital marketing strategy for the specific client. This document will include any marketing strategies that competitors use in their approaches (keywords, content, website features, external links).$500.00
Keyword Strategy DocumentThis is a strategic documentation that NJR Digital provides its clients based on the keywords that they could target. The document analyses different strategies including generic keyword, long-tail, current rankings, competitor keywords, and geographical targeted keywords.$175.00
Keyword Strategy DocumentThis is a strategic documentation that NJR Digital provides its clients based on the keywords that they could target. The document analyses different strategies including generic keyword, long-tail, current rankings, competitor keywords, and geographical targeted keywords.$175.00
Current RankingsNJR Digital will provide a report that outlines all of the keywords currently ranked in the top 200 results within Google and Bing.$50.00
Client Vs CompetitorsThis is the analysis of how your website is competing for keywords in comparison to their competitors. This can be looked at a broad or niche-level. This project will provide the entire database of your competitor’s keyword rankings to highlight the majority of keywords that can be targeted in your industry sector.$150.00
Keyword Gap AnalysisA keyword gap analysis document can be provided based on information on Keyword Rankings Vs Google Analytics. The potential keyword gap report will look at their positioning, expected CTR and their actual visitor numbers.$175 (only valuable when client is ranking for multiple keywords)
Google Search Console (CTR)The potential to analyse the CTR for the client based on information contained within Google Search Console’s “Search Queries” section. The proposal should be based on whether they are getting the visits required from their positioning. If not, NJR Digital Digital should provide a solution.$175 (only valuable when client is ranking for multiple keywords)
Landing Page StrategyIf the client requires some additional landing pages, whether it is geographical, a new blog, product pages or categorisation; this project will provide a strategy. We will recommend the right content for your website.$350.00
Blog StrategyOne of the best techniques to generate high-quality and fresh content is to establish a blog. This document aims to highlight the different options available to start a blog, or to optimise your existing blog. This will include a list of blog titles to kick-start your campaign by analysing the industry, competition and keywords.$250.00
Content Gap AnalysisA specific document that can be provided to clients that documents any content gaps within their website. This looks at content types, your industry sector, and keywords that you may have missed.$200.00
Content WritingNJR Digital have a team of native-speaking content writers that can complete any content projects. We’ve experience with blog writing, product descriptions, website copy, press releases, buying guides and much more. Please enquire if you have any requirements.Custom Pricing
Conversions AuditYour website’s focus should be on conversions; whether that’subscribers, page views, or sales. Our experts can integrate your Google Analytics account to ensure you are measuring goals and conversions properly.  $250.00
Google Analytics AuditThis audit takes a detailed look at your Google Analytics account to determine if everything is set up properly. In addition, our experts will analyse your account to determine if there are any improvements from a user metrics or visitor figures perspective. $300.00
Google Data StudioGoogle Data Studio is a free data visualisation tool. This work involves the building of multiple reports and dashboards to showcase your websites results in real-time (including the ability to share reports with all stakeholders)$250.00
Customised ReportsNJR Digital have industry experts that can produce customised reports for your website. If you have any specific reporting or conversion tracking requirements, please get in touchCustom Pricing

We don’t believe in a one size fits all. The final price will be depend on your specific website. Please contact us for a final quote, all prices quoted are in USD.

Get your Free Local SEO Audit Valued at $299

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